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Corporator swamped with calls green drive inspires citizens

Corporator swamped with calls green drive inspires citizens

"Buguri", the tree out of which the Chennapatna toys are made, is going to cast its cool shade on the Pavilion Road in the near future! Citizens of Byrasandra Ward (No.169) were inspired to plant the saplings of this tree in front of their houses after reading the Cityplus report on the green drive being undertaken by Corporator N Nagaraju. Ever since the report appeared, they have been calling him to help plant the saplings so that they too can be part of the green drive.
Yamini Khandekar, a resident of Pavilion Road, Byrasandra Ward, said: "We read about the Corporator's interest in saving greenery. My Grandmother and paternal uncle, who are in their 90s, felt the need for planting these trees in front of our house. We called Corporator Nagaraju, and to our surprise he took a personal interest and came over. He gave us a sapling and I am happy that my two daughters have expressed their readiness to water the plant. I remember playing around the tree on the other side of our road in my childhood. Now this sapling will be remembered by three generations to come. Let Bangalore restore its original name of Green City."
Senior citizens Subbu Ramu and Sheila Manickavelu also planted the saplings in the presence of the Corporator. Sheila Manickavelu said: "We need trees and so we called the Corporator. We are happy that a sapling has been planted in front of my house." Subbu Rao, a senior citizen, said: "Corporator Nagaraju took a genuine interest in planting the sapling. The authorities should plant saplings of medicinal plants and the like. When Nagaraju gave me the choice to choose the sapling, I chose a variety called 'Buguri'. Its wood is soft and the world famous Chennapatna toys used to be made out of it. When it grows, the trees will give shade and won't grow tall. Thus they will not obstruct the electric wires. The seeds, which have medicinal properties, help cure wounds. The tree bears beautiful yellow flowers."
Speaking to Cityplus, Nagaraju said: "I am happy my work will be continued by the residents as well. My aim is to bring back the title Green City to Bangalore. This work will continue and wherever there is space, the saplings will be planted. The residents can choose the sapling and help us in our efforts to make the city greener."


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