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World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day

“We Can. I Can”, in 2016 it encourages us to engage in specific actions to fight the disease.

"Everyone has the right to access quality cancer services and treatments, regardless of financial situation or geography. Let's use World Cancer Day to push for stronger health systems, improve access to essential cancer medicines and reduce the financial toll of cancer on individuals and families. Together we can show that improving cancer outcomes is not beyond us".


"World Cancer Day is a day to collectively raise our voices and push for greater awareness, actively implement what we know in the areas of prevention, early detection, treatment and care and to push governments to invest in cancer control. It is a day of action and reflection, and I urge you all to get involved."
Celebrating World Cancer Day in our country offers the opportunity to demonstrate control strategies in each territory and identify the best ways to disseminate and accelerate promotion and education, with the aim of promoting healthy behaviors and lifestyles to ensure that fewer people get sick with cancer.“

"World Cancer Day is very significant for us as we convey to the world our message of Commitment, Love, Strength and Hope to prevent and cure cancer, and relieve the pain when the battle is lost not before fighting it very hard. "

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