Manegondu Magu Maguvigondu Mara

Manegondu Magu Maguvigondu Mara

A new initiative started by Baandhava Sri N. Nagaraju There is a saying that “Greenery is our life“. But these days, it is being depleted. We humans are responsible for that. Nowadays, there is requirement of planting a tree in their house by each individual.

Accordingly, Former BBMP Ruling party leader and present BBMP member of Byrasandra ward, Sri N. Nagaraju and his Baandhava team members have started programmes like Hasiru Madilu, Hasire Usiru, etc and planted many saplings in order to save nature and greenery. Sri N. Nagaraju believes in “Green Revolution A Best Solution to Arrest Polution” and initiated programmes such as Hasiru Madilu, Hasirige Usiru and now he is glad to start a new programme. From past 1.5 decades, Sri N. Nagaraju has striving hard in maintaining the greenery of Byrasandra Ward which is situated in Jayanagar constituency. For his hard work and his various projects undertaken, people have supported and stood by him. For his various works, people have honoured him with many titles such as “Park Nagaraju”, “Saalu Marada Nagaraju”, “Kreedashri Nagaraju”, “Baandhava Nagaraju”, “ Hasiru Madilu Nagaraju” and so on. For our better tomorrow and for the development of environment, Sri N. Nagaraju has come forward with a new development programme called “Manegondu Magu Maguvigondu Mara”. AIM OF THE PROGRAMME Every individual has to plant a sapling and make the sapling grow big so that the futures of their children are hale and healthy. The main aim of “Manegondu Magu Maguvigondu Mara” urges people to plant saplings not only on June 5th – which happens to be ‘World Environment Day’, but on a regular basis.


1. HASIRE USIRU MAKKALA JATHRA – The main message of the programme is “Greenery is Life” and many school children from Byrasandra ward are going to take part in the fair organised and teach the children the importance of saving nature and environment through various activities and drama skits.

2. JAGRUTHI NATAKA – Teams of school children are formed and dramas are enacted in public so that the public awareness about Saving Greenery and Nature is spread to the people.

3. DISTRIBUTION OF SAPLINGS & PLANTING OF SAPLINGS – Saplings are distributed to school children and are taught to plant the saplings. In addition to that, besides “World Environment Day”, Sri N. Nagaraju’s Baandhava team members visit each house in Byrasandra ward and motivate the citizens to plant the saplings.

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